Saturday, 26 January 2013

Watching Football in Japan - 2013!

Here it is, people! The 2013 updated version of last year's d├ębut edition. Watching Football in Japan 2013.

2013 Edition

So, how's it different? Let me tell you.
  • 18% more pages.
  • 30% more pictures. Greater in number and better looking.
  • Several J2 stadia now profiled along all of 2013's J1 stadia.
  • More information, updated where relevant. 

Currency fluctuations notwithstanding, the price remains the same as last year. Being print-on-demand it's always going to be higher priced than a major publication, but at the bottom line you're looking at:


All purchases can be made directly via Blurb. Click here to visit our Blurb book store. Significant discounts can be made by a quick websearch for coupons. Click here for various coupons. I once made a saving of nearly $100 on a bulk order, so it's really worth your time having a quick look.


Unlike last year, a PDF is available for a much reduced price. You can purchase this for a measly:


Regarding the PDF, please get in touch directly at barryvalder(at)hotmail(dot)com, or leave a message here and we can sort that out.

Any questions, please don't hesitate to ask

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Watching Football in Japan - The Complete Guide

To be available at the start of February 2012 exclusively from our Blurb online store.

Taken from the introduction:

"Most football fans around the world have heard of the J. League and many can recall a handful of the imaginatively named teams. Shimizu S-Pulse. Gamba Osaka. Nagoya Grampus. However, the widespread lack of information aimed at the English speaking world doesn't always make it easy to enjoy the the beautiful game in the land of the rising sun. 

This book, published on the eve of the 20th instalment of the national league, is intended to make it as easy as possible for visitors to enjoy the excitement of Japanese football without having to battle a wall of kanji. Extensive information has been collected on all the most commonly used stadia in the 2012 top flight, including detailed notes on location, access, matchday tips and stadium and club contact info.

General help is provided for J. League virgins on how to buy tickets and the best ways to plan your matchday travel. Information has been gathered through years of experience of heading out to the nation's stadiums as a regular fan.

While nothing is a substitute for getting out there and finding stuff out for yourself,  this book is a helping hand."

The Book

Presented in a large 25x20cm format, there is ample space to enjoy the over 140 pictures of the current top flight stadia. Drawing from nearly a decade of experience as a supporter on the terraces, the author gives travel advice and matchday pointers to help first timers easily get to that big match. Full access information is given to all current top flight grounds, as well as tips on purchasing tickets, travelling to stadiums, and how to get the most out of your visit. Not just for J. League newcomers, a wealth of information on both stadiums and the teams who play at them will appeal to anyone who just wants all their information in one place.


Page previews. The book contains 70 pages in total covering all top flight grounds for 2012 and detailed appendices to supplement the stadium information.